Nijinski on the Lido

Even though I have little interest in ballet in general, about twenty years ago I became interested in the history and personalities and creations of the Ballets Russes, which enjoyed great success just prior to WWI with its stars Tamara Karsavina and Vaslav Nijinsky. A while back, I happened to think of a painting of Nijinsky on a beach, which was reproduced in black-and-white in one of the books I had read back then. I looked for the painting online, in vain as it turned out. I knew that it was painted by Bakst and found a few references to it in texts online, but no image of it. I’m sure that it exists somewhere online, somewhere that I couldn’t find, but I tracked down the book and am putting the image up here. The painting is Nijinsky on the Lido by Leon Bakst. It is taken from the book (excellent biography) Nijinsky, by Richard Buckle (Simon & Schuster: NY, 1971). At the time of the publishing of the book, the painting was in the collection of Mrs. Robert Wood Bliss.

Edit: I just did a new Google search for this painting and it came up on a university site, but the Google Images thumbnail (B/W) is small, and the site seems only to be accessible to those affiliated with the university. My blog is blocked to no one.

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